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Company News - 09/28/2011

Press Release

Optimal Design Co. and VentureChoice join forces to provide product design and development services to start up companies.

Optimal Design Co. and VentureChoice announced today a strategic partnership that will provide startups and emerging companies access to premium product design and R&D services specifically tailored to their needs. The collaboration between Optimal Design and VentureChoice will improve time to market and minimize up front development costs.
“Reducing development cycles and cost is important to every organization, but especially to startups. They typically don’t have established revenue streams to provide funding for new products or technologies. That’s why we’re teaming up with VentureChoice. It will enable us to provide our product development services at significantly lower costs and get innovations to market faster.” States Sajid Patel, CEO at Optimal Design.

About Optimal Design

Optimal Design is an award winning product development firm offering services from technology R&D, market definition, industrial design, engineering and production sourcing as a complete package or customized to the client. The firm offers these expertise specifically for the medical, consumer/industrial electronics, green energy, house wares, and consumer durables industries.
Operating out of their headquarters in the Chicago suburbs, Optimal employs a creative staff of 30 researchers, designers, and engineers to assist clients in delivering innovative solutions that enhance the user experience. Involved in generating over 90 patents over the past 10 years, Optimal also has a proven track record in creating patentable I.P. that protects the client's investment.

With a focus on the product’s end user and design for manufacturability, Optimal Design provides solutions that are successful in the marketplace at optimized margins.

Please contact us at sales@optimaldesignco.com or visit us at http://www.optimaldesignco.com

About VentureChoice

Headquartered in Silicon Valley, California, VentureChoice is a Venture Advisory firm and Investment forum representing an exclusive network of Individuals and Strategic Investors who are seeking attractive investment, syndication and acquisition opportunities in private sector.

VentureChoice offers incubation and venture development services to high-tech entrepreneurs and investors and provides the expertise, experience and exposure needed to make innovation-based ventures successful.

At VentureChoice we appreciate the risks and rewards of working with emerging technology startups, and we are continuously looking for entrepreneurs, investors, and executives with the enthusiasm, skills, and commitment to turn bright business ideas into great companies.

VentureChoice can be reached at http://www.VentureChoice.com



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