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 Talentral – Manage your career. Maximize your potential

Talentral enables professionals to actively manage their careers and showcase their expertise and accomplishments for exploring career opportunities. Talentral has developed a Portfolio Management Platform where professionals can store and manage all their career accomplishments in one easily accessible place. The platform supports all relevant media types to capture every possible detail (video, images, PDF, links, etc.). Within the platform, professionals can create rich media profiles that enable them to share their achievements in a uniquely differentiated way. Members may have one public and many private profiles to address the specific requirements of a given opportunity. Profiles are published through managed URLs which provide privacy management and valuable analytics. The platform uses proprietary algorithms and other techniques to optimize the profiles for search engines.

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 Funding Profiles - Corporate Strategy Visualized

Funding Profiles makes solutions that enable Finance and Strategy departments to communicate more effectively. FP&A teams consolidate, model, report, and plan using numbers, and typically do not express their results in strategic terms. Corporations that successfully link this financial execution data (actuals and scenarios) with strategic planning (budget allocation) implement their strategy and optimize corporate objectives more effectively. Using solutions from Funding Profiles, the finance and strategy teams can analyze scenarios and visualize strategic implications using the language of business strategy, for example thousands of ready-to-use charts, graphs, and tables. Funding Profiles is based in Sunnyvale, California, and has locations in Seattle, Philadelphia, and Washington D.C.

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 Softarex - providing intelligent Source Code Analyzer

With a unique product Softarex provides an environment for constant source code monitoring, control and improvements through automatic analysis of source code with 225 metrics. The codEnforcer product provides ways to optimize or improve code architecture developed on C++, C#, JAVA, and PHPand offers software developers with clear and concrete verbal recommendations to improve their source code.
In only minutes any architect, manager, or developer can discover the state of their source code and understand how they can improve it based on the information obtained from the metrics calculations. codEnforcer can connect to source code repositories such as TFS, SVN and GitHub for scheduled analysis and is offered both on-premise and as secured SaaS (cloud) model.

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 Piilo - innovative HR solution for small and medium size businesses

Piilo is focused on innovating People Management and Human Resources for small and medium size businesses worldwide through cloud computing, mobility and virtualization. Piilo software reduces operational costs and risk of businesses across industries while providing practical and affordable solutions to increase employee productivity. Piilo software will be launched in October 2012. Piilo is planning to release more than 30 modules in total with translation in 10 languages. Piilo will market its software across 35 countries.

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 Domo - BI for executives

Domo provides a new form of business intelligence providing an SaaS executive management dashboard accessible by all kinds of devices. Its founder and CEO, Josh James, had been previously known for founding data analytics company Omniture.
Domo is the user experience BI has been waiting for for 25 years. With Domo, all the information you need is in one place. No more searching. No more asking. No more doubt. Right now, Domo is accepting first users in their early-adopter program.

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 Trap!d - fixing mobile browsing

Trapit is the two-year-old, venture-backed intelligent discovery engine that hails from CALO, the same DARPA-commissioned artificial-intelligence project that birthed Apple’s Siri. The company’s eight-month-old product serves up nearly 5 million content recommendations a day from 120,000 human-vetted sources to consumers who use the tool to find fresh news, videos, articles, recipes, and images on the topics that interest them most. The application also offers people a way to browse a wide variety of content across hundreds of curated traps, and it helps them create new traps with suggestions covering categories like entertainment, business, and science.

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 Platfora - Derive insight from massive data sets

Platfora aims at providing a “revolutionary BI and analytics platform that democratizes and simplifies the use of big data and Hadoop”. From what the website tells about Platfora approach, it is all about transforming Hadoop datasets into enterprise dashboards with multidimensional layouts, drill-down possibilities and predictive analytics and to generate big data insights. The founder, Ben Werther, had been product head at the data analytics company Greenplum before and Platfora VP Marketing hails from Solera, a company specialized in network forensic solutions.

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 Protein structure research and visualization

Established entrepreneurs have started Virtual Proteins B.V. to develop a brand new artificial intelligence system for protein structure research in Virtual Reality. This system will be sold as a desktop Virtual Proteins Laboratory, designed to meet the demands of the rapidly growing market of proteomics research. The first generation product will be used for fundamental research in protein structures, functional behavior and interaction with ligands. The next generation product will suit the pharmaceutical R & D market, projected time savings within R & D processes are estimated to be at least one year!

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  Virtual agents with an unprecedented level of intelligence

Leveraging its uniquely powerful artificial general intelligence technology, Novamente supplies software products and services to power intelligent virtual agents for virtual worlds, computer games, and simulations.

Headquartered in San Francisco, with a development office in Washington, DC. Novamente’s clients include Northrop-Grumman, the NIH Clinical Center, the CDC, Global Health Exchange, CACI, Object Sciences Corporation, Zero Degrees, Think Passenger and Electric Sheep Company. Novamente virtual agents are powered by Artificial General Intelligence technology based on the company's sophisticated, proprietary Novamente Cognition Engine.

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 NeocortexR is Automating Intelligence

Universal Robotics, Inc., a Tennessee C Corp, is a software company formed to meet the growing need for automation. Developed at Vanderbilt University over the past seven years, with several million dollars of funding from DARPA and NASA, Neocortex has been controlling NASA's humanoid robot for four years. Neocortex is a revolutionary machine intelligence operating system designed to be the "brain" for mobile machines. Unlike any product before, the software learns from physical interaction with the world. The software enables machines to move freely in dynamic environments making decisions in real-time. It differs from Artificial Intelligence (AI) in that the machine develops its own understanding from experiences rather than being programmed to action. This important difference will allow machines driven by Natural Intelligence to perform tasks not possible with Artificial Intelligence.

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 Personalized Information Delivery

Just in 2006, approximately 161 exabytes (one exabyte equals 10^18 bytes) of information were created. That’s estimated to be more than in the previous 5,000 years! Credible predictions put this amount at 988 exabytes in 2010.

Perseptio is focused on creating solutions to overcome information overload and automating the task of delivering to individuals the information that is relevant to them. Perseptio uses advanced AI and adaptive technologies to capture user preferences and needs with regard to information and fit those preferences to new information to determine if it will interest the user.

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 Intelligent Facility Integration

Modius introduces a revolutionary new technology that will enable communication between ANY and ALL industrial devices – creating a universal language that standardizes device communications across all commercial products and proprietary technologies with remarkable simplicity. Just as the Internet makes it possible to access and share information between disparate computer systems and applications, Modius enables data access and data sharing across disparate devices and control systems, into the IT enterprise. Universally applicable to any device type including Building Automation and Industrial Automation, near-term focus is concentrated on the Power Quality Market – the hardware, software and services that maintain reliable and continuous power to high-availability facilities and operations (e.g. generators, UPS, DC Power Systems).

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Conversational Artificial Intelligence

CognitiveCode is a privately held start-up firm specializing in the development and commercialization of practical, conversational artificial intelligence (AI) solutions that address real-world problems.
Our flagship product is named SILVIA (Symbolically Isolated, Linguistically Variable, Intelligence Algorithms), which is our development platform and SDK for quickly and cost-effectively creating context-sensitive AI applications. Using SILVIA applications can create a new natural language & hands-free user interface for complex applications and · Simulate an intelligent agent and execute commodity activities (e.g., automated IVR call center transactions or expert systems for financial services).

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 Corporate Blogging Web 2.0 Platform

The first complete "Web 2.0 Office" technology for the enterprise. Blogtronix is unified platform combining enterprise blogging, Wiki, and social networking as well as advanced features like AJAX authoring in a secure enterprise portal. Blogging is a huge phenomenon but many "point" products for blogging, Wiki, and Internet data sharing are too insecure, ineffective across organizations, and lacking in enterprise administration capabilities.

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 Smart Phone Audio-Video Player from Memory Cards

Turn cell phones and PDAs into movie, music and video players. "Player-on-Card" software solution permits a single standard memory card to play contents across many mobile devices. Compatible with 100 million devices today, 500 million by 2008. The patent pending, “one card fits all” product has the ability to play, store, and secure digital content for all smart mobile devices with a memory card slot. Cards may be pre-loaded or loaded via Internet server. Play movies for 4-6 hours on a single charge. Starts playing on card insertion and automatically pauses during phone calls. Works with all standard SD/MMC cards. The format has security built in to prevent copying or DVD type hacking.

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 Nano partical drug delivering

Velbionanotech is designing drugs for various diseases such as Heart Disease, kidney stones, AIDS, Cancer, cosmetic generic products using a short fragment of DNA as a new type of drugs. These drugs are assembled in Nanochips and as nano particals for delivering in human body, which are affective in curing the sick/diseased and healing the injured.

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