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Technology Venturing Services

Grow your business beyond its organic limits. Tap into innovation space and target tomorrow's opportunities.



Based in Silicon Valley, California, VentureChoice provides Technology Incubation and Venturing services to accelerate your organization's innovation and growth.

Rather than relying on ad-hoc approaches we provide a structured, focused approach to identify and acquire new technology and growth opportunities for your business while maintaining a low profile and complete confidentiality.

Our services are tailored to meet each client's particular needs:

Technology Research and Scouting

Technology scouting can speed up and improve technical development, free up scarce internal resources for other high-impact activities, and lead to greater innovation.

The key is being proactive, knowing where to look, how to qualify, and how to apply new externally-developed technologies for rapid commercialization – at a profit to your firm.

Our technology scouting service provides a systematic approach for companies to gather information either directed at a specific technological area or undirected to identify relevant developments in technological white spaces.

We move within industries and markets while maintaining a very small footprint and proactively reaching out to external sources to create opportunities for our clients that would have not existed otherwise.


Incubation & Venture Development

Innovating, creating new businesses and reaping potential rewards is what makes technology venturing a worthwhile undertaking. However there are many hurdles along the way that are hard to overcome without proper planning and support.

Our incubation program is designed to assist corporations and investors with an array of support systems throughout the realization stages of innovation-based ventures by providing the proper guidance, expertise and resources at each step of the process, with the focus on building IP and equity value for our clients and capital partners.

We incubate technology ideas and startup companies for you until you are ready to capitalize on them through integration into revenue stream or cash-out.


Investment & Acquisition Support

Venture capital investment and acquisitions serve as catalysts for future growth and provides an additive approach to traditional methods of growing a company.

The results can serve strategic objectives including new products to expand core businesses or enter new markets; breakthrough technologies to substantially change the industry and create specific competitive advantage; or to achieve high return on investment.

Our investment and acquisition services provide companies with an efficient approach to locate and qualify innovative startups to partner with, invest in or acquire; all in a confidential and discreet manner.

To maximize flexibility of engagements for our clients we facilitate syndications and co-investment opportunities and offer board seat representation.




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