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TechBA Chooses VentureChoice to Help Select Mexican High-Tech Start-Up Companies

SANTA CLARA, CA - October 14, 2005 - VentureChoice, today announced that the Technology Business Accelerator of Mexico at Silicon Valley (TechBA) has selected VentureChoice's services for the private equity investment sector to help select Mexican high-tech start-up companies it will fund to enter the US market from Silicon Valley.

Commenting on the relationship with TechBA, Pejman Makhfi, VentureChoice's president said, "We are confident that VentureChoice's solution will deliver tremendous value to TechBA's efforts in selecting high potential Mexican start-up companies".

"Using the VentureChoice services we can streamline our process for selecting the companies that have a good product, a good management team, and good marketing," says Jorge Zavala, CEO of TechBA, the organization that will shepherd the companies.
"TechBA gives them financial support, access to potential buyers of their products and services and even potential partners as they try to expand." The initial group of 25 companies is from the software, medical-device and energy industries and is between one to five years old.

About VentureChoice
Headquartered in Silicon Valley, California, VentureChoice(tm) provides investment search and analytics service for an exclusive global network of Private Equity and Venture Capital investors to locate quality investment and syndication opportunities ranging from early-stage to buy-out.

VentureChoice aims to meet the growing demand for an organized and easy method to locate and exchange private sector investment opportunities, while leveraging the opportunities that globalization and technology advancements have created.
Located in Santa Clara, CA, VentureChoice can be reached at http://www.ventureChoice.com

About TechBA
Since January 2005 TECHBA, the Technology Business Accelerator of Mexico at Silicon Valley, is open with an initial membership of 25 Mexican companies in the fields of software, pigments, mechatronics and hardware that are focused on their business acceleration approach.
TechBA is funded by The Minister of Economy of Mexico and operated by FUMEC, the Fundación México-Estados Unidos para la Cienca (US-Mexico Foundation for Science), which was created in 1992 as a bi-national, non-governmental body, through an agreement between Mexico and the United States to promote and support scientific and technological collaboration between both countries. Located in San Jose, Calif., TechBA can be reached at http://www.techba.com

For Press Relations
Bob Walstra,
VentureChoice, Inc.
press @ venturechoice.com



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