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Private Equity and Venture Capital Glossary

Definition Capital Types

Equity Loan Offer of an ownership position to induce the loan or can be a note that has an option to convert from debt to equity.
Financial Capital Represents obligations, and is liquidated as money for trade, and owned by legal entities.
First Round Funding Typically funding that accomodates growth. Company may have finished R&D. Funding is often in the form of a convertible bond.
Human Capital Investment in skills and education.
Later Stage Funding Mature company where funds are needed to support major expansion or new product development. Company is profitable or breakeven.
Merger and Acquisition Funding The combination of two companies. If one company survives, it is a merger. If both survive, it is an acquisition.
Mezzanine Funding Company's progress makes positioning for an Initial Public Offering viable. Venture funds are used to support the IPO.
Natural Capital Inherent in ecologies and protected by communities to support life, e.g. a river which provides farms with water.
Second Round Funding Maturing company where a future leveraged buyout, merger or acquisition and/or initial public offering is a viable option.
Seed/Startup Funding Earliest stage of business, typically no operating history. Investment is based on a business plan, the management group backgrounds along with the market and financial projections.


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