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xi Technology, LLC merges physical and life science technology with business reality to efficiently discover, develop and deploy innovative products.
We partner with you to accelerate translation of ideas from concept to commercial reality.
Using our insight and expertise to provide an independent view of your product and strategic opportunities increases the level of confidence you have in moving your business forward.

Innovation is a product of readiness and insight

It’s a venture creation program that enables you to start a company from scratch in nine months. We empower extraordinary, aspiring entrepreneurs like you to launch your own company to tackle big problems.

We created our Corporate Venturing services to add a low-cost dimension to accelerate corporate growth, complementing existing strategic alliance and corporate development efforts.

We work with corporate investment and acquisition professionals who otherwise rely on informal referrals or on road shows and conferences, and assist in identifying matching business opportunities.

Our partners and staff are extremely well connected, giving them the critical understanding of local-market and industry-wide opportunities.

We continuously receive new business proposals from individual entrepreneurs and from research labs, startup incubators, government agencies, associations, and consulting companies.

We review these proposals and prepare the ones that we believe merit special attention for our corporate partners.

Having been-there-and-done-that ourselves, we understand the subtleties of your requirements, and we will work with you very closely and in strict confidence to ensure you get the maximum return from corporate venturing program.

Send us the contract form below, or
contact us directly. One of our team members will get back with you very shortly to discuss follow-up steps.

In the mean time, check out in more detail who we are and what we do.

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