The Secret to Accelerated Innovation


Every thought of how to Accelerated Innovation? One answer is Constraints!

Constraints help innovation through one simple truth: constraints create conflict. In a Pixar Studios’ experiment for example, the constraint on personal workspace forces employees to discuss, negotiate, disagree and eventually compromise on a new, innovative solution. Indeed, innovation arises when problems are faced through a new perspective. Constraints lead to faster feedback and focus attention. They offer the opportunity to problem-solve, forcing the innovator to approach problems, not through the front door, but through a side door they found while discovering how to work with the constraints placed in their way.

All in all, limitations enhance innovation. Struggling against others who have different views on an idea/project, figuring out a way to share common resources, working together to achieve shared goals and giving/receiving direct feedback all create an imaginative synergy with the power to drive creative innovation further and faster than unlimited resources, time, or freedom.


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