Tech Private M&A Activity Report for 2012

CB Insights just released its M&A activity Report for 2012

The report breaks down the 2,277 private tech companies that were acquired globally in 2012, and examining corresponding trends.

Followings are some of the interesting facts to note:



As expected California saw the most private tech companies acquisitions.



Position on the top 3 markets globally suggests that India’s entrepreneurial tech community is becoming more established.


Google and Facebook have been the most aggressive acquirers last year, doing 12 acquisitions each. Five of Facebook’s acquisitions were for talents.


From the companies what were acquired,  eight have been valued on more than $1 billion. Otherwise more than 50% of deals are less than $50M and more than 80% of the acquisitions are less than $200M.

Innovation never ends ..

Here is one of my favorite quote:

“Everything that can be invented has been invented..
     - Charles H. Duell, Commissioner, US Patent Office, 1899

Ok, lets validate it by looking at this simple design Tweak:

In hindsight it seems like the most obvious way to design a folding tripod’s center support column, but Giottos‘ new Silk Road series are actually the first to use a clever three-way, Y-shaped post making the whole package about 30 percent more compact when collapsed.

It makes you wonder what other obvious things we are missing ..